Administrators are able to send messages to users via the web tool and mobile app. Messages appear in a users inbox and are notified via a push notification on receipt.

One Way Messaging

Only administrators are able to compose message to send to other users.

Teachers, Parents and Students can only read messages received in their Inbox with no ability to reply.

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Message Select Groups

Whether you want to send a message to all students or just the year 7 parents thanks to having ‘Student Categories’ administrators are able to do just that.

  • Selected Student Categories
  • All Users
  • All Students
  • All Parents
  • All Teachers

The idea behind our software solution revolves around a calendar. Rather than replicate a paper diary online we have built a reminder tool than enables the creation of calendar events and alerts users to scheduled tasks and events via push notifications.

The calendar includes 5 event categories. Teachers and administrators can assign certain events and tasks to students from specific classes. A push notification can be sent to mobile users when an event is added. Alerts can also be set for mobile users about when their task is due.

  • Bulletin Events
  • Personal Events
  • Homework
  • Assignment
  • Exam
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School Events

All key events relating to students, teachers and parents can be posted by a site administrator. These events are categorised as Bulletin Events. Events can be listed for specific users and student categories thus ensuring only relevant events are posted to users.

Study Events

Homework, Assignment & Exam events may be added by students themselves. These type of evens may also be added by teachers and administrators in advance to later assign them to classes of students.

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Assignment Icon
Exam Icon
Personal Icon
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Personal & Phone Events

Teachers, students and parents are all able to add Personal events. The mobile app will even display events from the users native calendar app as Phone events ensuring they can have a complete picture of what is on when.


Included are three separate and fully editable pages that administrators can include important, up to date and relevant information. The pages may be updated as often as you like with  changes being made available to uses immediately. A full HTML editor and real time updates mean you can always have the right content available to the people who need it.

The pages are displayed within the footer of the web tool and within the contact section of the mobile app.

Fully Editable Content

We have included a full text editor which enables you to have full flexibility when it comes to formatting your text and entries. The editor is loaded with features to make adding content a cinch.

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.

  • General text formatting
  • Ability to paste from Word
  • Create Links to PDFs and other files
  • Include Tables and more
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There are two predefined forms you may include in your three system pages. The forms may be submitted to any email address as specified by the administrator as well as to their inbox within the tool.

  • Absentee Form
  • Contact Form
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An administrator account is created for each educational institution. Administrators can perform a range of functions including the managing of user accounts and classes, listing institution events, adding custom content and more.

CSV Icon

Importing Data

Creating user accounts is as easy as importing details from a csv file. You can also assign classes to users via a csv upload.

An administrator can also add and maintain data on an ad hoc basis.

Manage Users

Administrators get to view all users who are associated with their institution and have the ability to verify them as genuine known people. An administrator can also see which users have activated their accounts.

Verifying a student enables that user to then be assigned to a class and therefore receive homework.

Further flexibility of our tools is enabled through the use of student categories for which there is a dedicated section to manage them.

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Managing Classes

The students within a class can be managed on a class by class basis or for a select individual student.

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